Saturday, April 20, 2013

4/19/13 - AM Row Repeats + PM Training/Testing

Row 500m @1:38
rest 2 min
(rest 10 min bw sets 5/6)

Done. Averaged 1:37.5
For some reason I always keep it one second under the pace I'm supposed to. These felt fine. Only rested 9 minute bt 5&6.

A. Squat snatch; 1 rep on the 45 seconds for 12 reps @83% 1rm
Done. 230#, easy. I should have gone for a max today. Felt strong.
B. Power clean; 5 reps on the min for 7 min 185#
Done. Mixed tng with singles alt'n rounds
C. Power snatch from high blocks; build to a max in 5 min
No warmup on this. Setup the blocks and started.
165, 185, 205, 215, 225X 



For time:
36 pistols
12 parallete hspu
6 muscle ups
24 pistols
9 parallete hspu
4 muscle ups
18 pistols
6 parallete hspu
2 muscle ups


Pistols felt fast and easy

PHSPU's gave me some trouble. 8-10" deficit.
Did 6/6, 5/4 one miss, 3/2/1 two misses
Last set of Phspu's cost me a lot of time. Need to sharpen that up.

MU's UB and easy.

Overall pretty happy with how I moved on this one.

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