Thursday, April 25, 2013

4/25/13 - AZ Day 1/3 Testing

Every 90 second:
20 UB DU's
1 Clean + 2 Jerk
Start at 205- 315
Tie breaker is AMRAP Power Cleans
Rest 30 seconds
Row 400m for time.

Made it to 315. Had to squat clean it.
Jerks were fine
Was pretty tired going in to the row.

Row was 1:04
Weight adjusted was 59.8

Hurt like hell. I think pace was 1:20-1:21
Was on the ground for a while after.

Rest 2 hours

10 Min. AMRAP:
1 Rope Climb - 15'
10m Handstand Walk
10 Wallballs - 20# 10'

9 + 1 Rope climb

Felt pretty good on this. Rope climbs were not strong today. They just felt different than usual. HS walks were unbroken except the last 3 rounds. Wallballs easy. Breathing was the difficult part here. Fun workout though. Felt good to just go.

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