Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4/9/13 - AM Swim + PM EMOM Training

Swim 25m @90%
rest 20 seconds

Done. Felt good. Around :21 each. Shorter rest was not an issue. Only doing 20 this time was easy as well.
I felt like I was flying.

EMOM for 16 min:
Odd- 5 power snatch 135#
Even- 5 muscle ups
EMOM for 16 min:
Odd- 5 squat clean 185#
Even- 10 hspu
EMOM for 16 min:
Odd- 30 seconds airdyne @90%
even- 10 toes through rings

Pretty tired going into this. Head is pretty stopped up today. Tree pollen is super high right now. Everything is covered in yellow.

First couplet done unbroken and tng. Breathing was ok. Harder than last week.

Had to skip 4th set on second couplet. Back was tightening up and I kept falling off the wall. Smart, because I was able to recoop and finish the rest. A few of the last sets I was unable to complete 10 HSPU's. Part of it was the setup I think. I was using 2 45# thick bumpers with an abmat between. So pretty much a deficit. Having some trouble keeping a smooth kip. But I got better as it went on.

Last couplet was fine. Not near as powerful as usual on the airdyne. I was pretty smoked from previous work.

I felt invincible the last few weeks. There was no way I couldn't complete the work. This was was much more difficult. Pretty smoked right now. Much hotter than usual too. I'm going to chalk this session up to the season changing and this is my purge. I'll feel better come Thursday. Going to get a good rest and come back strong. My bad week is over. 

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