Saturday, April 27, 2013

4/27/13 - AZ Day 3/3 Testing

AM 10:00 AM
12 Min. AMRAP:
6 UB Hang Power Clean - 195#
3 PHSPU's - 1 abmat (roughly 10")

9 + 1 PHSPU

Not very happy with this. PHSPU's gave me problems. Power cleans were not very strong either though. That's twice this weekend they have slowed me down. I still felt I handled this ok, but still needs a lot of work. Best score was 13 rounds today.

I'll upload vid soon. 

Rest a few hours

PM: 1:00

For Time:
9, 7, 5
Squat Snatch - 135#
3 Rounds:
6 Squat cleans - 225#
18 T2B
3 Rounds:
20 KB Snatches - 2pd (alternate every 5)
80 Double Unders


Amanda was done in 5 minutes. Went very slow
MU's were: 5/4, 3/2/2, 3/2
Snatches were: 3/3/3, 4/3, 1/1/1/2
Felt very in control
Cleans were quick singles
T2B were: 6/6/6, 6/6/6, 6/6,3/3
Was really fighting to keep breathing down at this point.
Cleans didn't feel heavy. Was also fighting to keep lower
back was tightening up.
T2B Felt pretty good. Last 6 were tough, that's it.
Was just grinding at this point.
KB Snatches were strong but, lots of rests.
DU's were: 40/20/10/10, 40/40, UB
Should NOT have broken any of them at this point.
I was just really winded. Still felt I ended strong though. I'm starting to really like the grinders.
Just tried to keep the lead the whole time. Travis was on my heels.

Body feel pretty good. Not really sore any where. Hips are a little bit. I was pretty tired starting this last one, but not too bad. Feeling good. Great weekend.

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