Thursday, April 4, 2013

4/4/13 - AM Z1 Airdyne + PM Testing 13.5

Airdyne 30 min z1
Stretching/Mobility/ Movement prep

A. Max clean and jerk
325, 335, 345X, 345X
Missed the clean.
335 felt like a toy. Not a lot of fire today.

Opens workout 13.5
Endless Fran…
4 min. AMRAP:
15 Thrusters - 100#
15 CTB Pullups
if 90 reps completed in 4:00
Add 4:00 more minutes to amrap
if 180 reps completed, continue. Etc.

Bad performance.
Felt so winded today. I didn't come out to hard. I paced to complete the first 3 rounds just under 4. Took me 3:53. It wasn't that I ran out of time, I flat ran out of gas. Felt aweful. I hate to end the open this way, but I don't see my self rounding up the energy to give it another go with a remarkably better result right now. 

Performed this at Peak 360 in Miami with Guido Trinidad. It's very hot and humid today.

Reps were:
8/7, 8/7
8/7, 5/5/5 @3:53
Then a cluster of shit after that.

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