Monday, July 1, 2013

6/30/13 - AM Testing + Mid Day Testing + PM Testing

Sunday is NOT the day of rest today. I am so grateful to be healthy again. Loving this.

Row 2K
amrap DU's in rest of 10 min

213 DU's

Slept great last night. Woke up early, had a big breakfast and went back to sleep for about 30 min. Had a good warmup. Rowed about 600m then some dynamic stetching. Then another 500m at planned pace. A few sets of 50 du's. Goal was sub 7 row and fast on du's. Did 50/50/60/53. Could have pushed a little harder throughout. Better than the last time I did it though. 7:24 ish row + 210 DU's

A. SNATCH - 3,2,2,1; rest 5 min

215, 225, 235X, 235X
Not sure what's up here. My right hip kept hurting and falling into a squat today felt impossible. Just a bad day snatching. Really bad.

rest as needed

for time:
PS - 185# x 10
rope ascent 15' x 2
PS x8
rope x 3
PS x 6
rope x 4
PS x 4
rope x 6
PS x 2
rope x 8


Was supposed to be 1,2,3,4,5 with a 20' rope. Didn't have access to one today so I used the 15' in my garage and added several to it. Just didn't have a lot of attack on this one. Rope climbs still felt better than normal but this took me forever.

MAx Broad Jump in 3 min
98, 99.5, 103

rest 1 min

Broad Jump burpees - 100 m for time

Did 4 x 25m turnaround in my backyard. This stung but recovered quickly.

rest 1 min

MAx broad Jump in 3 min
(add 2 total jumps as score)

101, 100.5

103 + 101 = 204 total score for broad jump

rest 5 min

R KB Snatch 2pd
L KB Snatch 2pd
pHSPU - 10"

All UB, felt good. 10" depth on parallettes.
This one was fun. Fun session. Enjoyed doing different things.

Quick PWO snack. Nutriforce + Udi's hotdog bun with a beef brat.

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