Friday, July 12, 2013

7/12/13 - AM Airdyne/Double Under Intervals + Mid Day Training/Testing + PM Testing

30 seconds airydne @85%
30 sec rest
30 seconds double unders
30 sec rest

Done. Felt a little tired this morning but had a good warmup and finally got er going. I have been sleeping better. Averaged 87-88 rpm on AD. Felt strong. DU's were between 57-62 per round. Went back to the fast rope this week for variance. Tried hard for 65, could not get it in :30. 62 was the most. Only a few trips. 
947 total.

A. Split jerk; build to a 3 rep max

325, 335, 345, 355X

Kinda had a brain fart on 355. Kept screwing up the inhale before the jerk and it was throwing me off. Got one of them. Didn't try again. 345 felt great. I was actually splitting today. Not the heaviest weights I've thrown overehead but very happy with the technique. Big improvement.




B. Close grip bench press; build to a 3rm
245, 275x (2/3), 265

5 rounds for time:
5 squat clean and jerk 225#
2 rope climbs

14:10 :/
Used a kind a squat clean thruster/jerk. Felt faster to me. I would come out of the squat clean and push jerk it. For the rope I only had a 17' so I started with no jump and made sure I used three full pulls. Way harder than normal. Felt like a 20'. Tough to push on this one. First round in under 2:00 and wanted to keep that but
just didn't have it today.

For time:
50 strict hspu
50 pistols
50 L-pull ups
Row 750m


HSPU's - 4:26
Pistols - 2:30
L-Pullups - 6:27
Row - 2:36

HSPU's were 10/7/5 then 3's and 4's to the end. Felt tough. 
Pistols felt pretty good. Took a breaths every 10 
L-Pullups sucked. Did them slow and I tried for perfect reps. Did 3/3/2/2 , 5 times
Row hurt. Held a 1:40 or so then hammered it home toward the end.
Legs were tired.

Feeling pretty good. Just rolling with the punches now.
I know I'm getting close to the end. Can't wait to grind tomorrow.

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