Monday, July 8, 2013

7/8/13 - AM Row Z1 + Mid Day Training + PM Testing

Row 35 min z1

Done. 8127m, 2:09 pace.
Felt a little tight and umcomfortable today, but it felt good to sweat.

A. Squat Clean clusters; rest 15 sec/rest 3 min

275, 295, 305X (4/5)
295 felt great. 305 felt a little heavy. Missed 4th one because I pulled a little too early. Fought back and got the 5th one. Felt good to grind.




B. Jumping Back squat 2-3x6; rest 2 min

275, 275, 295, 295, 295, 305
Never done these. Not sure if there was supposed to be a pause in between each rep or back to back.
Either way stayed a little conservative on the weight and made sure I was exploding out of the top.


On the min for 14 min:
Odd- 5 thrusters 135#
even- 4 muscle ups

Done. All UB. Felt great. Good to move.
Last set:

3 rounds for time:
50 foot heavy yoke carry - 600#
10 hspu

HSPU's UB, kipping, fast. Yoke was 25' down and 25' back.
Tough. Thought my spine was going to rip through my anus.

rest 2 min

For time:
run 400m
40 foot hs walk
Run 400m

Ran first 400m at 90%, then HS walk almost UB in back yard. Fell 2 feet short. Then hit the last 400m hard.

rest 2 min

Run 1 mile for time

800m out and back. Felt great on the way back. Recovery is feeling good. Fun session. 

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