Thursday, July 4, 2013

7/4/13 - Happy 4th! AM - 1K Swim Time Trial + PM Bike/Run

Swim 1k time trial

:52 PR compared to April 16th

Super pumped about this. Had a good warmup. Tried to keep 2:00/100m. Took a 5-10 break every 100m.
Next time I'll only break every 200m or so. Glad to see improvement. Feels good.

Bike 30 seconds @90%
bike 30 sec easy
Run 20 min z1

Done on road bike. Found a consistent loop and hit it hard for 30 sec. Run felt great.

Love me some Udi's! 

I've got some great friends in town. Great weather. Delicious food. Good health.
My cup is full. God is good.

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