Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7/15/13 - CF Games Taper - AM Airdyne Intervals + PM Training

AD 3 min @ Z1
AD 30 sec @ high speed AER
rest walk 30 sec x 20
(get off bike every 5th set for a rest as you want
AD 3 min @ Z1 cool down

Done. Felt great. 87-88 RPM Felt pretty powerful this morning. Been sleeping well again.

A. CJ - build to a tough single - if feelin it go for it
275,295, 305, 315, 325, 335X
Pull didn't feel very strong today.


335 Miss:

345 x 2, 355 x 2, 375
355 and 375 were slow grinds. Haven't gone this heavy in a while. Probably smart move with the groin as I haven't lost a TON of strength. Best is 400#

355 x 2:

375 x 1:

Row 400 m @ 97%
rest 6 min x 3

1:07.6, 1:09.3, 1:09.1

I was a little all over the place on these. Still felt good. Recovered fast.

My stepbrother came and trained with me today. Only lives a few miles from me. He's fresh out of college after playing football for 4 years with Missouri Valley. DII National Champions. He's played football his entire life, wrestled in highschool all four years, placing at state several times. Watching him move, It's neat to see what a great head start he has if he chooses to pursue this sport. EXTREMELY explosive and super mobile. He moves very well. Seems to have a decent aerobic base for his size, which I would give credit to the wrestling back ground as well as the flexibility. Also extremely coach-able. I wouldn't dare assume what his characteristics are, so I'm looking forward to running him through some tests to see what he's capable of. Then we'll move forward from there. Going to be a fun project. He definitely brings some intensity into the gym with him as well. That's always good to have.

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