Saturday, July 6, 2013

7/6/13 - PM Grinder

Airdyne 3 min for max calories
rest 6 min exactly
Amrap in 6 min
6 stone to shoulder 150-200#
4 box jump 36"
2 burpee pull ups
rest 3 min exactly
For time:
30 power snatch 135#
30 burpee over bar
Row 1k

96 calories
I think a PR. Waaaay more left in the tank unfortunately. Up from 89 back in December. Held 1800-1900 cal/hr. Then speed up last :45 or so. I can hold a bit harder throughout and push much stronger at the end. It was like my mind wouldn't let me b/c of what I had coming up. I mean, don't get me wrong, it still hurt like hell. Maybe I just feel that way because I recovered so damn fast. Felt good.

2 rounds + 6 stones
Stones were def. limiter. Just gassing. Pushed hard though. Felt good.
Singles on snatches. Burpees slow and steady. Row was a 3:45. Lower back was lit up! Fun workout. Happy with how I handled it. Surprised myself today. Feeling good. Wish there was more, but I'll accept the rest. I'm gonna be fired up come Monday.

Part 3: 

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