Friday, July 12, 2013

7/11/13 - AM Swim Time Trials + PM Bike/Run

Swim 500m time trial
rest 4 min

Big PR!
Took a 5 second break every 100m
Had a good warmup and felt smooth

rest 4 min

Didn't take any breaks on this one. Swam non stop. Very happy to have done this. Felt smooth and controlled. I didn't expect it to be slower though. Interesting to see the difference.

Bike 10 miles
Run 3 miles
@85-90% effort

Biked about 9 miles off road. Rough terrain. IN THE HEAT. Took about 54 minutes. Took a 1 minute break/stretch then hit the run. Energy was great. Legs were pretty tired but I felt great. Wasn't sure about distance from where I was at so I ran 14:00 one way tried for negative split coming back. Made it.
I'm very happy with how my body held up during this whole session. It was HOT today. No cramps, felt good. I loved being able to kick it on the last 5-6 minutes of the run. It was like I knew I just push and I wasn't going to fall off. I could ride that line.

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