Friday, July 5, 2013

7/5/13 - AM Airdyne/Double Under Intervals + Mid Day Training/Test + PM Testing

30 seconds airydne @85%
30 sec rest
30 seconds double unders
30 sec rest

Done. AM Fasted, BCAA's. Felt awesome. Very powerful this morning. Averaged 88-86 rpm per set.
50-55 DU's with the heavy rope. All round unbroken. 62 on last set for the hell of it. 
748 total.

A. Split jerk; build to a 2 rep max 

355, 365X 
355 felt great. More there with a bit more practice. Hip tweaked a little on 365 so I shut it down. Happy to get the work in. I was actually splitting a little today.

B. Close grip bench press; build to a 5rm
12 min amrap:
3 clean and jerk 185#
2 rope climbs
3 clean and jerk 205#
2 rope climbs
3 cnj 225#
2 rope climbs
3 cnj 245#
2 rope climbs
amrap in remaining time
3 cnj 265#
2 rope climbs

Did 9 total reps of 265#
So 2.5 round of 265. Fun workout. Clean/jerks felt strong. All power cleans. Surprised on the 265.

For time:
30 weighted pistols (1 20# DB must be held during the reps)
Run 800m
30 TGU 2 pood
Run 800m
30 wall walks
Run 800m


Rowed instead of ran. Started thunderstorming at the house right before I started. Got off rower on last 400m and ran 400m just to get out. It stopped raining at that point. Tough workout for me. Just grinded. Slow the whole time. Crappy movements but tried to stay positive and just work.

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