Saturday, July 13, 2013

7/13/13 - AM Fundraiser WOD + PM Testing/Grinder

AM: Fundraiser WOD
For Time:
30 medball burpees (performed like a barbell burpee, but with medball)
400m run w/ medball
30 medball situps
400m run w/ medball
30 medball overhead lunges
400m run w/ medball
30 wall ball shots
400m run w/ medball
30 medball burpees


Just took it pretty smooth. All movements fast. Run was fine. Just had fun! So thankful for everyone that showed up. The shirts are freakin' sweet. Extremely grateful for the folks at Faction's support, and for the support from my family as well. It really means a lot.

Run 800m
rest 1 min exactly
5 min amrap:
5 power clean 225#
10 burpees
rest 1 min exactly
For time:
100 calories airdyne
100 power clean and jerk 95#

800m - 2:30
3 rounds + 7 burpees

Run felt great. Hurt like hell afterwards but just like last week, it surprised me. Felt aerobic. Pretty gassed going into the AMRAP Power cleans were fine, just a little slow. Burpees steady and smooth. Airdyne took 7:14, done on a weird new age model. Felt funny. This felt way harder than mine at home. It was awkward.
CJ's were 4 sets of 5 tng then singles. Didn't plan on ever going to single but it turned into the same grind as the dumbell snatch. Except this time, no time cap to save me. Thankful for that. Finished with 10 tng at the end. Fun session. Looking forward to a big rest. Body is feeling good.

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