Sunday, March 9, 2014

3/8/14 - AM A/D 60/60 + PM Grinder


AD 60 sec @85%
AD slow spin 60 sec
x 20
- rest 5 min after 10 sets

Done. On reg A/D. Felt good. Had a big breakfast and did this around noon so I was awake for a while. Around 70-72 rpm each set (27-30 cal). Legs are tired.


100 double unders
90 walking lunge
80 ghd sit ups
70 kbs (2pd)
60 cal AD
50 back extensions
40 ring dip
30 burpee box jump over 24"
20 power clean (155#)
10 - 50 yard shuttle run (0-25,0-50)

27:15 - At Power cleans. Had to stop 5 shuttle runs in. Quads locked up so bad I could barely walk. I felt great in everything else though. 

lunges quick and steady. non stop
GHD's - sets of 11. a little slow as I haven't done these in a long time. Really need to get one. 
KBS - quick sets of 12, These were strong.
A/D - about 3:30. A little rough.
BE - 5 sets of 10. quick
Ring Dips - 5/5, 5/5/, then 10 sets of 2 real quick
BBJ - steady. Pecs and triceps locked up a few times on the burpee. PRetty aweful, but it subsided after about 15 reps.
PC's - singels with a few tng's in there. I was all kinds of locked up at this point. Quads were starting to lock and lower back was tight. Just kept moving though. 
Shuttles - Rough. So rough. Did 5 in about 3-4 minutes. Which is about 700m. Quads were locking from the start, but got way worse so I called it. I was just walking by set 5. A little frustrating as I wanted to end strong. Energy was there, but body has had it.

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