Tuesday, June 24, 2014

6/23/14 - Am Training + PM Training

A. Snatch - build to 80% fast (perfect mechanics, good speed)
- then Emom 5 min @ A weight x 1

Done. Feeling good today. Tried a good warmup and wanted to snatch using flats. Felt pretty strong. A littl different.

4th EMOM snatch

B. BS @20X1 - build to a moderately tough double (when the concentric slows down, call it)

365. Felt strong.

C. for time:
3 L rope climbs
50 DU
15 MU
50 DU
3 legless RC

7:16, L-sits took about :90-2:00. 15'. They blew me up big time. Mu's were tough. 4,3,2,singles. DU's UB, legless a few minutes. Grip was smoked.


AD 20 sec @97%
rest walk 2:40
x 8

- rest 5 min b/t sets 4,5

Done. Used assault bike. Felt powerful. 

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