Saturday, June 7, 2014

6/7/14 - Training

A. Clean Gauntlet - start at 205#, build 5#/rep, must increase - complete as many reps at loads in 3 min

205-290, 19 bars (did 275 twice with weight change mistake) 
This felt pretty good. About 1 bar every 10 sec. Could get a few more if there were bars out.

Went as fast as I could while weight was changed. Had two bars, one started at 205 and I added until 270, then another bar had 275 and I added from there.

B. C&J - build to a moderate PERFECT form single
300#, felt good. 

C. FS - build to a ONE heavy set of 1
345 quick. Didn't feel great.

D. AD 25 min @Z1
Felt niiiiiice.

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