Monday, June 9, 2014

6/9/14 - Training


A. PS + HPS + HS - build to a tough set
205, felt pretty good. Really tight overhead. 


B. BS - build to 385 fast
Done. Felt good. quick build. 225, 275, 325, 365, 385

for time:
15 DB thrusters (70#/h)
5 MU
15 DB deadlifts (70#/h)
10 pHSPU
15 DB thursters
5 MU
15 DB deadlifts

Tough. Deep on PHSPU's. HAd some trouble there. 3s and 2s. 14"
First DB thr quick and UB. Shoulders were smoked on 2nd set. MU felt fine. Heavy breathing. Crazy humid right now.

AD 35 sec @HARD effort
rest walk 4:15

x 3

Done. Did this at Michelle's gym with the weird airdynes. Didn't bother looking at output, just hit it hard. Great recovery on these. 

Practiced some 25' rope climbs too right after sets. Felt good. Getting up in three pulls.

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