Thursday, October 11, 2012

10/11/12 - Training + Testing

Moved my Friday session a day earlier since I'm travelling to San Diego tomorrow for the Big Dawg Bash!
Extremely excited to compete and hang out with a bunch of friends. Really looking forward to learning a lot on Saturday as well.

A. Back squat @20x1, 2-3x5; rest 2 min
315#, 325#, 335#, 345#, 355#
Felt good. Last set was a battle. I have never felt so comfortable squatting this low. Feel good. Back still has some issues but not painful

B1. Weighted chin up 1-2moderate effort x3; rest 10 seconds
B2. 20 unbroken ctb chin ups x3; rest 3 min

53# for all sets. Felt strong. All pullups unbroken. Made it to about 16 butterfly then had to go to regular kipping. It's feeling more and more natural.

C. TnG thrusters 10, 10, 10; rest 2 min (increase weight per set)
135, 145, 155
Took it fairly easy on these. Wanted to focus on speed today. I imagine since you said TNG that you weren't looking for me to slow down at all? Either way, felt good.

For time:
Airdyne 30 calories
10 DB power snatch 90#
50 double unders
10 DB power snatch 90#
40 double unders
10 DB power snatch 90#
30 double unders
10 DB power snatch 90#
20 double unders
10 DB power snatch 90#
10 double unders
Airdyne 30 calories


Not very happy with this. Didn't feel like I attacked the dumbbells enough. Hoped for sub 8. It's definitely there. Just felt pretty winded. Airdyne felt strong though. Happy with how it felt. I think the first 30 cal took me around :60 comfortably. 

Decided to bring the DB down after each rep. Snatches felt easy, just out of breathe. Also realized that I started with the double unders first. Not sure how much of a difference it would make in the overall time. Recovered pretty fast after this. Felt good.

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