Thursday, October 25, 2012

10/24/12 - Swim + Skill Session

5:30 AM Fasted
Swim 50m @90%
Rest 90 seconds

Done, fasted, at 5:30am. First 5 were around :52 Then the rest averaged out to around :50,
with a few :48 in there. Hit :47 a few times as well.

Excited to lower the rest time next week. It will be a good challenge. Stroke is slowly getting better.

60-90 min skill session

4 rounds not for time, constant movement.
Run 800m
5 rope climbs - 17'
10 deck squats
5 RHSPU - Rings above waste level
Airdyne 50 cal

Took around 55 minutes. Was going to do 5 rounds but was short on time. Had to pick up a washer and dryer I bought.

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