Tuesday, October 16, 2012


OPTathlon 3.0

1. Clean and Overhead in 10 min
335# PR
Warmed up pretty heavy and was feeling good. Started at 305#. Then 325#. Then 335#.
All easy attempts. 15# better than last year. Tried 345# twice. Couldn't clean it. Kept screwing up the clean. I felt strong today. I will clean and jerk 355# soon. Very happy and surprised with this.
(short rest)

2. Standing Triple Jump
27' 7.5", PR from last year by over 3' 
Very happy with this. Not satisfied as I feel technique is still limiter but better than last year. (short rest)

3. Row Repeats
1:29.1, 1:28.5 , :01 pr from last year.
Felt great! Didn't go hard enough in the first 500m. I had a lot of gas left after this. I FELT SO MUCH BETTER THAN LAST YEAR. 2 x 500m was cake compared to what my mind has been doing lately.
(2-3 hours rest)

4. 8 minute amrap Circuit:
8 Thruster @ 115#
8 CTB Pullups (on fat bar)
8 Burpees over the bar

6 round + 3 Thrusters
Felt really good. Paced conservative and only went faster. Breathing was good. Everything felt strong. The burpees didn't feel hard but got my breathing heavy. Pullups were a little difficult as well. The bars were really fat. The best score on this was 6 + 6 thrusters. Recovered fast. Feeling good.
(2-3 hours rest)

5. Reverse Shot Toss
37', less 8.5" from last year
Not happy at all. Just didn’t feel very powerful. Should have practiced a little more.
(short rest)

6. 3K Run
14:30 something
WHOA. This was rough. Was holding 1:38-1:40 pace for about 800m then it started. Both quads completely locked up. Very painful. I could not bend my knees. This slowed me down quite a bit.
Thought about calling it quits to avoid injury but still wanted to register a time. My goal was sub 12, since I ran a 12:17 six weeks ago. Oh well.

Still ended up in 9th after bombing the run. I guess that's pretty good. I think a 12:30 run would have put me in around 4th or 5th place. Not worried about it though. I know I'm faster and I did the things I needed to do today. Back to the original task as hand. Incredible weekend. Learned a lot and enjoyed hanging out with old friends. Great to see some progress from last year.

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