Friday, October 5, 2012

10/3/12 - Swim + Recovery/Skill Session

Swim 30 min continuous

10 min. of stroke/tech drills
10 min. of flip turn practice attemps
10 min. of bilateral breathing. 
This felt great today! Swam around 300-400m non stop breathing every 3rd stroke.Felt awesome. Getting pretty comfortable with this. 

60-75 min skill session

5 min. Airdyne
10 min. free standing handstand practice.
5 min. run
10 min. rev. shot practice - using 8# ball slam ball
5 min airdyne
10 min. triple jump drills - no full efforts, broad jump + 3 single leg jump on same leg
5 min. Airdyne
10 min. OHS/Should mob - Duck walks forwards and backwards with a barbell
5 min airdyne
10 min. flow work/bridges/stretching

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