Friday, March 1, 2013

3/1/13 - AM Z1 Airdyne + PM Training

Airdyne 30 min z1
Done. Slept great. Feeling awesome. Body is 100%

A. Squat clean; 6 sets of 2 @90% effrt
296# for all sets. About 3 minute rest bt sets. Felt good. Good practice

B. Squat clean thruster TnG gauntlet; 5 reps on the 75 seconds
beginning @135#, adding 10# per minute until failure
205, 215X (3/5) Just flat ran out of gas.
I need some practice on a slight pause coming down in the hang. I think
I could rest in the hang for a split second after each rep and get more done.

C. Amrap unbroken COVP chin ups x3; rest 5 min

Wimped out on the first set. Wasn't ready, hands were hurting and it got in my head.
These just felt off tonight.

Soft performances tonight. Flushing it from my head and coming back to attack tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

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