Thursday, March 21, 2013

3/21/13 - AM Z1 Airdyne + PM Training

30 min. Airdyne @ Z1
Movement/Mobility Work

Done. About 370 cal. Around 700-800 cal/hr. Practiced some wallball and double unders. Feeling good

A. Max clean and jerk
305, 315, 325, 340PR
Felt easy. Way more there. Jerk was stupid as usual.




Opens workout 13.3
12 Min. Amrap:
150 Wallball
90 Double unders
30 Muscleups

Wallballs were 30/30/15/15/15/15/10/10/10.
DU's UB and fast
MU's 5/3/3 2's then 10 singles.

Wallballs felt easy. Breathing was SOLID. Took very short breaks and kept pace fast. Double Unders I caught my breath back. MU's did a few long sets then tried to keep rest short. Last set of wallball was TOUGH. Broke twice on last 26. Needed to be tougher here. Could have broke 300.

Happy with results tonight. It's hard to ever be please with an open score when you are comparing to the world. I am happy that I performed well and I can focus on my training for the weekend. Hopefully this score will hold up.

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