Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3/6/13 - AM Run + PM MMM

Run 10 min z1
Run 30 seconds @high tempo aerobic pace
rest/walk 1 min x7
Hill run, 30 seconds run @high tempo aerobic pace
walk/rest down 2 min
Walk 10 min cool down

Done. 7 am fasted, bcaa's. Traveling this week, so no hills. Did 15 sets of 30/1:00 rest. Felt great this morning. Been battling a bit of a head cold. Felt a little run down the past few days. Actually felt good to get out and clear my head running in the cold. Lots of traveling this week but I'm back home now and I'll get a good rest tonight.

A. KB juggling play 10 min
10 min amrap @95%
10 burpees box jumps 24"
10 kb snatch 2 pood (5 per arm)
200 meter row
rest 10 min
10 min amrap @95%
15 burpees
60 double unders

4 + 5 snatches
Probaly closer to 90%

6 + 2 burpees. Did hand release burpees tonight. Not really harder but slower. DU's felt good. Only tripped once on round 4. Felt great on this one. Could have gone a while.


Felt kinda trained warming up for this. Hard to get going. Body feels 100% but energy is low. Not sure if it is the previous days training/traveling or a little bit of the head cold. Looking forward to a good rest tonight. Just watched Brandi do 13.1. I'm ready for it.  

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