Saturday, March 2, 2013

3/2/13 - AM Row Intervals + PM Testing/Training

Row 500m @1:37
rest 3 min

Done. Fasted, BCAA's - 9:30 AM


Felt good. First one is always the worst. Gets better from there. Had my shake, then at some quinoa and chili. Having trouble getting food down in between sessions like this. I think I'm just wound up and ready to go and get the rest done on Saturdays. Need to learn to relax a bit more after part 1 is done.

PM - 12:00 PM
A. 5 TnG deadlift on the minute beginning at 275# adding 20# per
minute until failure (stop at 90-95% effort, protect low back)
Rest 10 min
5 rounds for time:
10 stone to shoudler 150#
20 meter hs walk
Rest 15 min
20 min amrap @90% effort
15 toes to bar
20 thrusters 95#
30 calories airdyne

A. Completed 375# easy, stopped on 3/5 at 395#. About 90%
Could have gotten 405#.

Rest 10 min.

B. 15:20
Used a 150# sandbag instead of a stone. Pretty tough. Need work on these types of tests. Hard for me to push. Constant worry about the next round. HS walks were ok. Would love some feedback.

Rest 15 min.

4 + 20 cal

Just kept chipping and moving. Felt much better than last weeks amrap. Grip was tired and sore, but T2B felt pretty good. Airdyne was weak. Around 2:00 per 30 cal.

Was pretty tired after this. Going to eat a lot of food tonight. Already getting prepared for Monday. Can't wait.

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