Saturday, March 30, 2013

3/30/13 - Double Testing

Slept close to 9 hours last night. Feel pretty good. Kinda fuzzy feeling from the intense work yesterday.  Didn't end up doing part 1 until about 11:30am. Started warming up around 10:30 am.

for time:
Run 800 m
30 squat snatch - 135#
Run 800 m

First 800m around 3:12

Measured with wheel but lots of turns and it's rainy and slippery. Not ideal conditions.
Snatches - 3/3/3 then all singles. Tried to stay cool and control breathing but these kinda lit me up today.
I think I was out the door under 7:00. I wanted to push harder on the snatches but I knew I would be shit on the run. Didn't matter, I was still shit on the run. Tried to stride out the last 400m, energy was there but back and legs were cramped. Not very happy with the effort on this one. Recovered very fast. Should have pushed more.

for time:
10 MU's
30 DB snatch - 90# - 15/arm
7 MU's
20 DB snatch - 90# - 10#/arm
4 MU's
10 DB snatch - 90# - 5/arm
1 MU


Done around 3:30 PM
Muscleups, 5/5, 4/3, 4 UB, 1 unbroken obviously. Snatches were slow during the 30 and 20. Tough breathing. This movements gasses me. The last 10 I pushed hard. Not very happy with the 30 and 20. But, where I was slower on the snatches I feel like I caught up on the muscleups. Energy was good. Ready to eat and relax for a day. Glad to have Easter Sunday off. Excited to spend some time with my family.

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