Saturday, March 30, 2013

3/29/13 - Triple Testing

Woke up expecting a rest day for some reason. Schedule was changed in a drastic fashion. Feel great today. A little buzzed from the work last night but body feels loose.

part 1:
thruster - 95#
pull ups

2:04, PR 
Sub 2 is there. I broke last 9 pullups
Couldn't hold on, dropped and did 2 singles.
The difference from this and the 2:10 I did a few weeks ago was my thrusters. I tried to go bananas on the  first 21. I was a little too amped up, cuz my first 21 pullups were all out of wack. Cost me a few seconds. Would be cool to get a sub 2 next time. This was pretty spicy afterwards.

rest 3 hours

part 2:
3 rds for time:
FS - 225# from ground x 12
21 DU's

3:27, All Unbroken.
Front squats felt good. Slow and steady. Could have pushed more. Doubted myself. HSPU's kinda slow, first 2 rounds were strict then 5 strict/ 5 kip on last round. DU's fast. Fun workout. Didn't really hurt.

rest 3 hours

part 3:
for time:
Row 1K
50 burpees
Row 1K


3:39 - first row
2:02 Burpees
3:25 - Second row

Tried to stay about 85-90% on first row. Didn't waste any time starting the burpees. Tried to push about 90% on those. My goal was to save plenty for the final row. I finished strong but I might have been way too conservative. Just didn't hurt as bad as I was anticipating. Feeling pretty good.

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