Sunday, February 23, 2014

2/22/14 - AM A/D Intervals + PM Training

AD 30 sec @85%
rest walk 30 sec
x 36

Done. Around 15-16 cals per set. Felt pretty powerful. 

A. Push press - build to a moderate double
12 min amrap @open pace:
9 S2OH (115#)
12 burpee

15 box jump (24")

275, felt really heavy and uncomfortable. Trouble getting moving today. Glad it said stop at moderate.
6 + 3 box jumps. Tough one today. UB on all S20, pretty easy, but burpees and bj's were tough. Bounded first 2 rounds, then went to step down as I could keep moving faster that way. I'm happy with how I handled this today. Tried to pick the 2 min mark to start changing gears. I didn't want to end it with a 30 sec sprint. I did both. Tough one.

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