Saturday, February 8, 2014

2/8/14 - AM Training + PM Training

14 min amrap:
5 squat clean (135#)
6 box jump (24")
7 DL (135#)
8 chin up

7 Rounds. Probably 70% effort. Lower back seized up bad in round 2. Hard to get through. It wasn't normal so I did what I had to. I was pretty bad, doing singles on 135# deadlifts. Took 25 minutes instead after part 1. Not sure if it was the weeks work or travel from yday or combination of movements.

rest 15-20 min 

14 min amrap:
150 wall ball
250 DU
amrap MU in remaining time

20 Mu's. 8:00 on wallballs, 5 sets on DU's. 5/ 3/3 then singles on MU's. Missed one at the end as I tried for a double. I can go much faster on this. Just not a ton of intensity there today. Felt good to get the volume in though.

Row 300m @1k PR pace
rest walk 60 sec
x 12
- rest 5 min after 6 sets

Done, not at 1:30 though. First 2 were, then I had to back off. 1:32-1:33 for the rest. Just felt pretty tired. Then, the lower back attacked again. Soo shitty. Backed off enough to get some good work in. Pretty tough over all, but happy with how I adjusted. Rested 2 hours between parts today. Might not have been enough. I might have just been eager and used to getting things done like we did all week longs. Looking forward to a big reset tonight and some great rest. 

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