Saturday, February 8, 2014

2/3/14 - AZ OPT Training Camp Day 1

8 AM:

Part 1:
Emom x 20 min.:
Odd - snatch pulls x 3 @ 100%
Even - 2-3 muscle ups

Felt good. It was nice to have a long warmup CNS prep after a day of traveling yesterday. I was feeling good. 
Part 2:
Snatch: Build to heavy single
271. Missed 286 just barely. Caught and started to come up then lost it behind. It surprised me. Only tried once. A big PR is due.

Part 3:
For time:
10 snatch 165#
10 snatch 190#
10 snatch 205#
10 snatch 215#

7:16. Felt great. The weight felt super light today. Fun tester. No misses.

Part 4:
10 min assault bike:
Max calories
69 cals. Wayyyy more there. Didn't push hard enough in the beginning. Happy with how this felt. Easy breathing and I was barely taxed when done. Didn't go nuts at the end either. Just stuck to a pace.

Part 5:
For Time:
Row 300m
15 cj 135
15 burpees 6" target

Rest 20 min x 2

2:03, 2:19
This hurt like a son of a bitch. Damn this sting. I tried like hell to beat Marcus on the first one but he c/j's are sooo smooth. Awesome to be around athletes who seriously move the best in the world. I feel better about this test as I only fell off a little bit on the second one. Big improvement from the threshold test in December. Good end to day 1.

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