Tuesday, December 6, 2011

12/6/11 - Training

Heading to Pheonix this weekend to run some tests with OPT. Pretty excited. It's going to be a great learning experience. Basically a fitness camp for 3 days. Planning on taking Thursday off, testing on Friday and Saturday and doing the OPT Big Dawg comp on Sunday. Looking forward to hanging out with my Matt Baird and Steve Mullen and making some new friends as well.

Here are some of the things James will be testing.

1. ultrasound BF testing
2. lactate repeat fatigue tests of multiple modalities
3. max strength tests
4. 85% of max strength tests
5. jumping ability
6. bioharness aerobic testing patterns
7. forced expiratory volume
8. AM pulse oximetry test
9. AM lactate tests
10. limitation testing

A. Power Snatch x 1/Snatch x 1; rest 90 sec x 5 225#,215#,225#,225#,225#
B. Snatch Balance - build to a tough single with a deep catch in a few sets; rest as needed 255#, felt easy.
C. KB Clean and Jerk - 5/arm; no rest b/t arms; 1 min b/t sets x 3 88# for all sets. Felt good. 
D. Row Sprints - 30 sec max effort; rest 2 min x 4 188m/689w, 187m/678w, 180m/605w, 179m/595w

Felt good today. Lifts still don't feel right but I'm "ok" with the weights. Row felt good. On last two started to fall off with 5-10 sec. left.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.
-Ecclesiastes 3:1

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