Thursday, December 8, 2011

12/7/11 - Training

4 sets:
50 m accels from push up position
walk rest 3 min
*Felt good. Did 25m shuttles instead. Snowy and freezing outside.
4 sets @ 97-100%:
5 TnG Dead Lift tough
Airdyne 20 sec @ max effort
rest 5 min
345#/17 cal
355#/17 cal
365#/17 cal
315#/18 cal, dropped weight just to play with speed. 
Deadlifts were fast and easy but just felt slow and sluggish this morning. Ate too much the night before. Lesson learned. Had no spark. Lower back was still not 100% either.

Taking tomorrow off to rest up for Testing/Training Friday Saturday and Sunday in Scottsdale. 

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