Saturday, December 22, 2012

12/22/12 - Saturday Triple

The volume has picked up for the next several weeks. Going to have to really focus on solid recovery and sleep. Sometimes you can't avoid the soreness and fatigue that is going to follow, just like the start of a long tester, I'm just going to have to accept/embrace it/ and grow from it. Here we go!

Airdyne 30 seconds @85%
Airdyne 30 seconds @50%
Done. Averaged 1800 cal/hr. Felt tough this morning.

A. Build to a 1rm snatch
235, 245, 255X, 255X
Felt heavy today. No fire.


255# Miss 1

255# Miss 2

B. Build to a 1rm clean and jerk
285, 295, 305, 315X
Not even close on the clean at 315. Pulled to my knees and nothing happened. Felt super heavy today.

CF regional workout #4 2011 (100's)
Pullups were terrible. Grip is smoked. Swings were done in sets of 10. DU's unbroken. OHS were 3 x 10, then 5's for the rest I think. I would love to redo this workout fresh. My pullups took forever today. It was a battle just to get my chin over the bar. Quads started locking up after the du's about 20 squats in. Pretty painful. I am still happy with how I felt during this though. Huge progress. No trip to the hospital this time.

Row 30 min z1
My travel team alumni game is tonight. Gonna go skate for while. Should be fun.
Forgot equipment at home like a tool. Oh well, must have been a sign not to skate. Not really frustrated that I couldn't get to play, but more that I was going to miss my row. Doing it in the AM.

Give freely and become more wealthy; be stingy and lose everything. Proverbs 11:24


  1. 900 cal (1800 cal/hr x30min) for 30min is insane!... dude ur conditioning is on point!... keep up the amazing work!...

  2. Thanks bro! Just to be clear, that average is during the 30 seconds of work (85%), not an average throughout haha. That would be insane. Most days during the 90%/50%, I'm holding 2100 cal/hr during the 90%.