Sunday, December 30, 2012

12/29/12 - Saturday Triple

Airdyne 30 seconds @85%
Airdyne 30 seconds @50%
Done. 9 AM Fasted. Felt ok today. Stayed around 1850 cal/hr ave
A. Build to a 1rm snatch
220, 231, 245, 253, 265X, 265X
253 pull felt great, but the catch felt heavy as crap. 265 didn't even feel close. Hips do not feel strong.



265# Miss

B. Build to a 1rm clean and jerk
275, 285, 297, 308
308 pretty much took it out of me. I was smoked. This weight has never felt so heavy. I sure hope it was from all the pulls yesterday. Took more time on the lifts this week but I just do not feel as strong or fast as usual.

For time:
100 wall balls
90 double unders
80 ghd sit ups
70 kbs 2 pood
60 ring dips
50 back extensions
40 thrusters 95#
30 burpees
20 power clean 155#
10 shoulder to OH 185#

Damn. This was a tough one. Pretty disappointed in the outcome. Wallballs were 25, then sets of 15.
DU's tripped once. GHD's took me 5 MINUTES! Swings were sets of 10. Ring dips were 5's. Back E's were 10's then 5's. Thrusters 
were the worst. Sets of 5. My lower back was lit up! Burpees were very slow 
Power Cleans were quick singles. STO was from the floor and I did 5 sets of 2. I just didn't feel very strong during this workout. Not excited.

Row 30 min Z1
Done. 2:07 pace. 7050m covered. Smoked.

When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required. Luke 12:48

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