Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2/12/13 - AM Airdyne + PM EMOM Training

Airdyne 5 min z1
Airdyne 30 seconds @85%
Airdyne 30 seconds @50%
Airdyne 3 min @ 95%-97%
AD 3 min Z1 cool down

Done. 7:30 am fasted. Felt great. Held around 1850 cal/hr for all 20 sets. Slowed down the last interval to feel out 3 min. pace.
80 cal

Felt pretty good. Lots more there. I think 90 cal is my best 3 min. With proper warmup and better knowledge I would crush that next time.

On the minute for 16 min
Odd- 3 TnG power clean 225#
Even- 12 knees to elbow
On the minute for 16 min
Odd- 3 TnG power snatch 185#
Even- 3 muscle ups
On the minute for 16 min
Odd- KBS 88# x 10
Even- pHSPU kipped x 5

Done. All Unbroken. Good challenge tonight. Hands were becoming limiter on first 2 sets.Started tearing. Tough transition from tng power cleans to tng power snatch but settled in on the second set.

KBS got my lower back pretty cramped. Shoulders were getting tired during PHSPU's. They felt good though. 8" deficit. Not sure if it's the volume or movements (phspu's coupled with pulling) but my lower back has been cramping up quite a bit lately.

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