Saturday, February 23, 2013

2/23/13 - AM Row Intervals + PM Testing

Row 500m @1:40
rest 90 seconds

1:40.1, 1:39.4, 1:39.3, 1:39.9
1:39.8, 1:39.8, 1:39.8, 1:39.3
Just realized writing this down it was supposed to be 90 sec rest. Damn, my mistake. Still don't think it would have been an issue. I'll pay more attention. 

A. 3 TnG power snatch on the min @135#- add 5 # per minute until failure
Rest 10 min
5 rounds for time:
20 meter heavy yoke carry
5 parallete hspu
Rest 15 min
15 min amrap @90% effort
15 burpee box jumps 24"
15 power snatch 95#
15 wall balls

Failed at 215. Missed the third rep. Definitely could have gotten it. But I know 220 would have been a stretch. Pull felt ok today. Just didn't feel that explosive.
rest 10 min.
560# yoke, 10" deficit on PHSPU's.
Pretty tough. Yoke walk was a challenge. PHSPU's were becoming difficult. Shoulders were tired from the walk. Fun workout. 
4 rounds even
Felt really tough. 90% was rx'd but I was just trying to keep moving. Grip was tired on snatches. Hard to change gears from the first two tests.

Fun day. I'm smoked. It's MEATza night. Ready to eat and chill.

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