Monday, February 18, 2013

2/18/13 - AM Z1 Row + PM Training

Row 5k out of bed fasted @z1 pace (every mon morning increase the pace
of this session by 1 second)

Done. 7 am. Around 20:00 or so.
2:04 pace. Felt good. Body was a little tight. Spent another 30 min. stretching/mobilizing

Warm up with TnG box jump practice 50 reps maxiumum non fatigues (24, 30 inch)
A. Clean and jerk; 2 reps @65% 1rm on the 90 seconds for 10 sets
Done. 225. Did some squat clean/power jerk. Some power clean split jerk. Clean feels weird. It felt sharp but I don't feel strong.
B. Push jerk; 8 reps on the min for 10 min 135#
Done. Easy. Good tng practice and breathing work. +
80-90% for volume;
CTB chin ups
Sit ups

Pullups felt terrible today. Situps were tough. Used an abmat. Just felt sluggish during this. Stomach was lit up doing this combo. Went at a MAP pace though. Slow but consistent movement.

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