Monday, February 25, 2013

2/25/13 - AM Z1 Row + PM Training

Row 5k out of bed fasted @z1 pace (1 sec faster than last)
2:00 pace. 20:00 exactly.
Felt good. Arms were a little tight from the start but it got better.

Warm up with TnG box jump practice 50 reps maxiumum non fatigues (24, 30 inch)
Did a few sets of 10 on the 24" and 30" with a few 18' rope climbs in between.

A. Clean and jerk; 2 reps @70% 1rm on the 90 seconds for 10 sets
Done. 235#. Squat clean/Push Jerk + Power Clean/ Split Jerk
Felt good. Clean is feeling pretty good again. 

Set 5:
Set 6:

B. 50 shoulder to OH for time 205# (from ground)
10, 7, then a few sets of 5 and 4's and 3's after that. I have more. Not too happy about this one. I have got to start taking more chances on these tests. 

C. 1-10 unbroken CTB chin up ladder for time
Everything felt tired on this. Might have been the previous work or Fridays session.

Listen to everyone making fun of me filming myself.

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