Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2/13/13 - AM 1500m Swim Time Trial + PM Test

Swim 1500m time trial

First 500m was AWEFUL .Not using to swimming non stop distances lately. Lats were cramping up bad. Just uncomfortable, but got through it. Was stopping to take a :10 break every 100m. Pr'd my 1k getting under 24:00. So I guess I should be happy with that. Progress is progress. Rest of the swim felt better as I went on. Still needs a lot of work.

For time:
30 squat clean 225#
50 pistols
2k row


Cleans done in about 6:00, slow.

Pistols 3:00, slow and unsteady.
Row 7:28, aweful. Lower back was very tight the whole time.
Body felt good going into this. Hands are shredded. Not much adrenaline going into it. Just kinda did it.

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