Monday, February 4, 2013

2/4/13 - AM Row + PM Training

Row 30 min out of bed easy

Done. Felt great. Rowed sub 2:00 pace for first 20:00 then cooled it a bit. Was working harder than easy pace. Just felt good though. Last 10:00 around 2:02-2:05, Right hip was getting uncomfortable. Did this in my garage on my used rower I bought from Faction. Nice to be able to roll out of bed and hop on it. Excited for later.

A. Squat snatch x1/OHS x3; build to a max of the complex in 4 tough attempts
225, 235, 255
Felt strong today. Should have gone for a 1RM. 255 felt easy. Very happy to hit that after not snatching for several weeks.




B. Back squat 2-3x3; rest 2 min
335, 345, 365
3 for all sets. Felt strong. Left some. Felt good to squat again. Been a while.

For time:
20 squat snatch 135#
80 wall balls
100 air squats


Snatches done 10/5/5
Wallball 20/20/20/10/10
Air squats, slow start but finished strong. No breaks. Mentally tough.
Could have done better on wallballs on this one. Legs were really tired going into this. Could feel it after 2nd set of snatches. Wallballs were harder than usual.

I find myself wanting to know what a good time for this would be. Why do I always think like that after these tests. As if I found that someone did better or worse than me it's going to change how I feel about my performance. It is what is for the day, why would anything else matter. All I know is that I shouldn't worry about how I did after it's over rather I think it's more useful to set my standard prior to the test. I have to start imaging what the top score would be at a regional. How would that person attack this test? What did the winner do? I'm not saying I should perform out of character, but the difference in a top score is those who have the balls to take a chance and "go for it" on some events. I feel I played it too safe today. Excited for tomorrow. Legs are smoked.

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