Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2/6/13 - AM Swim + PM Test

Swim 25m on the min for 40 min (1000m) @85% effort

Done. Felt great. Getting better each week. Slept great last night. Up earlier than usual. Long day of traveling ahead of me. Meals are prepped, ready to rock. Quads are sore.
For time:
Row 1k
50 pistols
30 thrusters 135#
50 burpees
Row 1k



First row was easy, around 1:47-1:50. Pistols slow and steady with a few breaths. Thrusters were 6 sets of 5. Burpees slow and steady. Took one break with 10 left to get closer to the rower. Last row was pathetic. So slow, first 500m was barely 2:00 pace. Quads were so tired and lower back was LIT up from pistols. Not happy with my finish. I felt all over the place.

Felt ok overall. Quads were really sore. A little out of element. Not sure if it is the long day or just being the third day on. Didn't have a lot of attack, just not really hungry. Still felt pretty good though. Body feels great now that I'm done.

Glad to have completed the day. 

Swam this am. 
Heated up food at a gas station.
Drove 3.5 hours to Clarksville
Heated up more food at a gas station.
Met with customer 1.
Took a 10 minute nap in truck.
Met with customer 2.
Heated up more food at a gas station.
Drove 1 hour to Franklin.
Decided to stay in the Nashville area so I wouldn't have
to train my part 2 late evening.
Knocked out part 2.
Ate 3 pounds of mixed fajitas.

Big thanks to D-Rob and Michelle at NOMAD for putting me up for the night.

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