Monday, July 18, 2011


A. Power Snatch: Work to a heavy Double. 80, 85, 90,95,100(220)
B. Power Clean/Jerk: Work to a heavy. 100, 110, 120, 125(275)

100kg double = uuuugly!!

Had to Rest 1 Hour to coach

5 Sets @ 90-95%:
10 OHS @ 135#
15 Chinups
Run 400m ish
Walk/rest 8 min.

2:13, 1:56, 2:00, 2:01, 1:49
*All unbroken and fast. Runs felt good today.

God of Our Lives, we are pilgrims beset with trials and blessed with opportunities. We confess that we want your blessings without pain and your bounty without cost. We would be faithful, but we falter. We ignore problems hoping that they will go away. We flee from challenges because we fear failure. Send us Your Spirit that we might be strengthened. Send us New Life and Hope that we might love others as Christ has loved us. Amen.

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