Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5/23/12 - Wednesday

6:30 AM
Swim 1k time trial
34:24, stop laughing. < 2:00 splits, 15:52 @ 500m
Went sidestroke the whole way. Can't freestyle comfortably. Not that sidestroke is a whole lot better, but at least I'm able to keep moving. Never stopped for more than 20 sec. Very slow. 

60 min z1 session:
Practiced bar muscleups. Figured out how to spin around and press out. Also, worked on triple unders for a while. Was stringing together sets of 10. I'll have these down very soon. Walked on my hands a little bit. Practiced turning around. Getting better at that as well. Did a few OH pistol with a pvc, could only use left leg. Can't quite squat that deep yet with the right. Right hip is feeling MUCH better. Had more ultrasound and therapy on it today.
PM: Relaxation based massage.

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