Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Africa! - Day 5


Woke around 6 am. Slept pretty good. Pretty awesome hearing birds and hyaenas all night. Matt, Doug, Marcy and I found an open camel field and went for a run.

Training was:
5 min. run @ easy pace
20 sets:
Run 15 sec @ 97%
Run 25 sec @ 60%
5 min. run @ easy pace

 Felt awesome!

Came back to camp and Mwai (the cook) had prepared breakfast for everyone. 3 sunny side eggs, 3 sausage links, 2 bananas and 1 large tbsp of peanut butter. Feeling great!

Now heading to Arusha  to get some supplies before we head off to the Serengeti. Stopped at this place called Ciao Gelato while in town and had some coffee flavored gelato. Pretty good!

Also had time to visit a small Masai Museum in the Snake Park. Learned that if a Masai warrior is dressed and painted in black and white, then he was recently circumcised. They are not allowed to cry or use anesthetics. If they don't cry they will also wear some long feathers over head.

On the way to the Serengeti! My crew in the Jeep today was Tom, Bridgette, Alicia, David, & Adrian. Spent a few hours heading through the Manyara Plains. Passed through a small town called Mosquito River. Stopped and bought some red bananas. Delicious, much sweeter than yellow. Also bought some liquor called Konyagi. http://www.konyagi.co.tz/ It's like a mixture of gin and vodka. They were selling it in bags. Pretty strange.

Arrived to the Kudu Camp & Lodge in the late afternoon. Matt, Christina and I out with the Aussie's for a bit. Pete, Sam, Ash, & Andrea. Had a great dinner. Ready to hit the sack. Driving through the Ngorongoro Crater tomorrow morning.

Pori = Bush

Locals selling red bananas 


Monkeys on the side of the road. 

Overlook of Lake Manyara

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