Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Africa! Day 10 - 3/17/12

Woke Around 6:15 am. Met Doug, Marcy, & Matt at a playground near the market by the beach.

5:00 AMRAP @ 90%
15 Double Unders
5 Burpees
Rest 2 min.

5:00 AMRAP @ 90%
5 strict pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

Rest 2 min.


5:00 AMRAP @ 90%
5 box jumps
10 situps
Rest 2 min.


5:00 AMRAP @ 90%
10 lunges
1 leg bear crawl down and back, 15m

Felt great. Good session. Went back to hotel, packed and showered. Had a good breakfast at the hotel. Some eggs, "sausage" (more like hot dogs), and some watermelon and juice. After breakfast we walked around the streets for a while looking at some souvenir shops. Every store here sells the same crap.

Feeling really good today. We've been extremely blessed with perfect weather. Grateful to be healthy and grateful to be on this trip with such awesome friends. Now we're heading up to the North part of the island.

We arrived to the White Sands Beach Hotel around noon. This place is absolutely gorgeous! White sandy beaches, crystal clear blue water. My room is just a short walk to the beach. And it's air conditioned! We met down at the restaurant on the beach for lunch. I had some beef chop suey and a few drinks. Went and swam and hung out on the beach. Tonight we had a sunset cruise on a sail boat with the whole group. Looking forward to it. They call it a "booze cruise". It's all you can drink while on the boat.

Spent probaly 3-4 hours on the boat. Got to see the sunset and swim out in the ocean for a bit. The boat was an old, old wooden ship. I'm not sure what the name meant but I think it stands for diversity.

It had an upper deck that we were jumping off of. So much fun doing back flips off a sail boat into the crystal clear waters off the coast of Zanzibar Island. Stumbled our way back to the island after the sun had set and met for dinner. We pre-ordered earlier and I can't remember what I ate. Plus my writing is pretty sloppy in my journal for this day. Awesome day. One of the best so far!

Hanging out on the playground after a MAP session. 

Our view at lunch.


My room! $50/night. Too good to be true.

Our boat.

Cap'n Mikey!


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