Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Africa! - Day 6


Woke at 5:00 am to head through the Ngorongo Crater (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ngorongoro_Conservation_Area)
 and towards the Serengeti National Park. Ngorongoro got its name from the sounds of a cow bell. Approximately 8,300 square km. Surrounded by the Aoldeani Mountains. Learned that elephants dig into the side of mountains for minerals. Drove passed the Malangia Depression as well, a sunken volcano.

While in the crater and through the Serengeti we saw:
Lapet Faced Vultures
Kori Bustards - 2nd heaviest bird next to ostrich
Black Kites
Guinea fal
Black Faced Vervet Monkeys
Water Buffalos
Saddly Stork
Crown Cranes - Uganda National Bird
Weaver Bats
...and probably a few more left out.

Stopped and had lunch at Tok Tok swamp within the crater. A Black Kite swooped down and took a piece of food right out of Pip's hand as she was eating it. Freakin hilarious!

Time to leave the crater and drive through the Serengeti Plains. Hundreds of miles of desert. Probably saw a million Zebra and Wildebeasts. Part of the great migration. Zebra and Wildebeasts live together for use of each others senses. Zebra good eyesite and Wildebeasts good smell.

Serengeti means Endless Plain. 14,700 square Km

Stopped at Naabi Hill toward the end of the plains. It acts as the gateway to the Serengeti National Park. Simba Copies are known as the random picturesque mounds of rock and trees out in the middle of nowhere that you would see in a movie like the Lion King. Kind of like a "rock oasis." Makes you wonder how the hell they got out there.

About an hour away from our campsite we saw two leopards lounging up in a tree. Then, 5 min, later we get a flat tire. Great. Fixed the jeep and finally arrived to the Nguchiro Camp Site. Long day. I am smoked.

Nguchiro is pretty much a bush campsite. Several guards with rifles to protect us from the animals. Dinner tonight was more spag-bowl. Ready to crash.

Monkeys outside of Ngorongoro Crater entrance 

A view into the crater 

Lake Makat - Salt and Flamingos 

Sucks to be him.

Part of the Great Migration of Wildebeasts in the Serengeti Plains.

Leopard lounging up in a tree. 

The most incredible set of balls I have ever seen. 


Nguchiro Camp Site.

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