Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Africa! Day 4 - 3/11/12

Woke around 6:00 am. Feeling great. Slept on a top bunk with a mosquito net at the Acacia Camp in Nairobi. Had a big breakfast with some sausage and eggs. Made some sandwiches for on the go. Met our 10-day tour leader today, Mwangi. Super cool dude. Today we head down to Tanzania.

The border was hectic. We were swarmed by Masaai women selling necklaces. The drive through the Tanzania countryside is gorgeous! Our cook Mwai prepared some great food. During this excursion there are about 20 of us. Everyone has their own chores, cooking, cleaning dishes, packing the bus. We arrived to the Mesarani Snake Park around 6:00 pm or so.

I found a good spot to throw up the tent. Right next to crocodiles fenced in a park. Also found a large tree to hang some rings from. Unpacked and found time for a quick workout.

7 Rounds for time:
15 Overhead squat with my backpack
3 muscleups

7:02, didn't feel that great. It was a long day in the bus with crappy food. Did feel good to do something active though.

Here's a crappy video. Blurry the whole time for some reason. Camera never focused.

Afterwards we found some Masaai's with camels who let us ride them for a few bucks. Pretty fun! The group prepared dinner then we had a quick meeting about the next few days. Had just enough time to head to the camp shack to grab a beer and socialize for a little bit. Tried a Safari and a Kilimanjaro. Asleep by 10pm.

Some kind of snake inside the Snake Park

 Tanzania Countryside
Camel ride!

Post camel ride success beeaz with Marcy!

The crew!

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