Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Africa! Day 9 - 3/16/12

Woke up around 5:45 am. Went down to the beach with Matt and Doug . I made up a workout and named it.

15m handstand walk
10 pistols
15m handstand walk
30 Burpees
Run 200m

15m handstand walk
20 pistols
15m handstand walk
20 Burpees
Run 200m

15m handstand walk
30 pistols
15m handstand walk
10 Burpees
Run 200m


Took around 10:00. Felt good. Hard to move fast at first. Had our last breakfast with Mwai and packed up left for the ferry station to head to Zanzibar. Almost didn't make the ferry. It was pulling away from the dock as we were stepping on.

Ferry took around 5 minutes to cross the bay. The we boarded the long ferry for Zanzibar Island. It's around a 2 hour boat ride. This boat is extremely comfortable. Almost like a plane. They had some movies playing as well. Took a nap and ate a paleo kit. Feeling good.

Once we arrived to Zanzibar, we went straight to our hotel for the night in Stone Town. Loved the hotel rooms. Super simple and cheap. Like $30/night.

We met back up with the group for some sightseeing and tours. First tour was the Stone Town Slave Tour. Pretty interesting but didn't learn a whole lot because it was very difficult to understand our guide. Took some cool pictures though. Tour was mainly about the slave trading that took place on the Island. Zanzibar served as a trade port for slaves and goods/merchandise. It wasn't abolished until almost 1900.

Once that was over we packed into a van and left the city to check out the Spice Tour. This was a blast. We learned a TON. They dropped us off at what basically felt like the side of the road and we started following two guys into the woods. Our guide was super friendly and pretty funny. He walked us through the  spice farm telling us a little bit about each plant and its uses. Then he would break off a sample from the tree or plant.

Spices and Fruits found on the farm:
-Tumeric Root "Poor mans saphron"
-Lemongrass (also used for citranella)
-Cinnamon Tree (Magic Tree)
   *Leaves are used as cloves
   *Bark is used as the spice
   *Root is used as Vapor Rub, also for porridge during Ramadan
-Coffee Tree, two types Arabica & Robusta
-Achwarte (Lip stick plant)
   *Mash the inside of the fruit and use for red curry and chicken Masala
-Vanilla Bean Plant, second most expensive spice
-Aloe, extract the sap for it's use on skin
-Ylangylang, used for soap, shampoo, and perfume
-Nutmeg Tree
   *Aphrodisiac for females
   *food coloring
-Peppercorns, similar to vanilla
   *Use the black for cooking
   *Use the green for asthma
-Ginger Plant, used for colds and cooking
-Touch-Me-Not Plants
-Henna Trees
-Pineapple Plant
-Cacao Tree, used for chocolate and beans for fruit
-Cloves Tree, for toothaches and nausea


Towards the end of the tour the sat us down for a fruit tasting. Here's a list of what we had.
Sevilla Orange
Green Orange
Passion Fruit

Best fruit I have ever had. Wrapped up the tour and bought some spices as souvenirs and gifts. Took the van back to the hotel to shower and relax for a bit. Tonight we are going out to the local food market.

Food market was probably a two blocks walk from where we are staying. It's probably 50-70 tables of food vendors setup in a park selling local fresh caught seafood and desserts. Awesome! You can go to each table and buy small amounts of samples for a few bucks each. It was a giant buffet basically.

I tried:
Mahi Mahi kabobs w/ carrots
Zanzibar Pizza
Lobster kabobs, spicy w/ chili sauce
Tuna kabobs
King fish kabobs
Beef kabobs
Fresh cucumber w/ chili salt
A few pieces of mango
and for desert a Banana mango chocolate Nutella pizza. Unreal!

It was an awesome experience other than every vendor trying to rip you off. You have to be super aggressive.

We left the market and decided to walk around the town for a little bit. Stumbled into the Livingstone bar. Pretty cool restaurant with an outside patio in the sand right next to the water. Tried a popular local drink called a "Dawa." (vodka or Konyagi, honey, and lime juice) Close to a Norcal Margarita. Left and hit the sack around 11pm. Long day. Tomorrow we head to North on the island to our hotel on the beach for a few days. Mwangi says that we should be excited. This place is going to be paradise.

Our campsite in Dar Es Salaam 

This is how I keep terrorists away. 

Inside ancient Stone Town 

Some hats and fresh coconut juice they made us during the spice tour.

My safehouse 

Food Market! Closest is spicy lobster. 

Don't remember what he was saying but he was probably asking for 
more money.

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