Monday, August 20, 2012

8/19/12 - Summer Crush Games Day 2

Summer Crush Games Day 2

Woke up feeling a little groggy.
Slept well but kinda tired.
Took a while to get going. Posterior chain is really sore.

Event 4:
10 reps GTS 40# - 2 carries
8 reps GTS 70#
6 reps GTS 90#
4 reps GTS 114#
3 reps GTS 145#
2 reps GTS 173#

7:25, 14th

Came out with an aggressive pace.
Just tried to keep up with another strong competitor in my heat.
It turned into a race. Then I ran out of gas. Missed a rep on the 145#.
Cleaned the 173# fine but the carry was slow.
I dropped it 3 times. I was completely smoked.
I was hurting bad after this. Kind of surprised me.
Normally I thought I would do well on this type of event.

Event 5:
For Time:
5 Muscle-ups 2 Front Squats 205#
4 Muscle-ups 4 Front Squats 205#
3 Muscle-ups 6 Front Squats 205#
2 Muscle-ups 8 Front Squats 205#
1 Muscle-ups 10 Front Squats 205#

3:13, 5th

All unbroken. No chalk. Just stayed smooth.
Had to clean the bar from the ground.
Only reason I was beat was because I didn't run back and forth between movements.
I could have pushed harder on the squats. I was no where close to failure.
Felt the best after this event. Recovered very fast. Didn't hurt at all.

Event 6:
For time, perform wearing 15# vest:
20 Pistols (must alternate legs)
100 Double Unders
then “Isabel”
30 Power Snatches 135 / 95

6:36. 6th

Got the vest on fairly quick. Pistols went really well.
No missed reps and smooth.
Double unders were very difficult with the conditions.
Weightlifting shoes, springy plywood, and a bouncing vest.
Broke 4 times. Was having to donkey kick and started to wear me out.
Did 1 set of 3 tng, 1 set of 2 tng, then all singles. Just tried to stay on the bar.
This was a grind at this point. Race to the finish.

11th place. Not happy with the result.
Happy with how my body felt this weekend. Not too sore.
Very unhappy with my mistake on the rope climbs and how heavily they were weighted. It cost me dearly.
Not happy that I had to do an extra event that didn't count but that was out of anyones control.
Not happy that they didn't reseed the heats after each event. I was calling the experimental heat all weekend.
I definitely think that makes a difference.
I think the judging was extremely fair. Probably the best I have ever seen.
Yes, way better than any regional I have been too. Why? Probably because of the movements.
The event was ran very well. Plenty of available trainers/medics/supplies for the competing athletes.
Made a bunch of new friends. Learned a lot about my self and competition.
Next step, back to my original training goals, OPT Big Dawg Bash, and possibly the OC Throwdown.

The pond is growing bigger every day. I'll just have to grow with it.

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